Secret Weapons of the…

This Week’s Hints to help you along:

  • An experimental, secret weapon design.
  • Three engines — two on the nose, one in the tail.
  • The war ended before it was ready for production.
  • Ultimately cancelled; the design was a dead-end.
  • Just what country might have made that?

So do you know what this aircraft is?




Post a REPLY below with your best guess!

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10 thoughts on “Secret Weapons of the…

  1. Steve Rocketto says:

    I believe that the aircraft is the Martin XB-51.

  2. Jon Pace says:

    It’s a Martin XB-51. Wikipedia has some ok info, Aviation Quarterly had a real nice story about this amazing aircraft.

  3. Terry Mills says:

    A Martin XB-51, designed as a replacement for the A-26 Invader. Although you can’t see it at this angle there is a third G.E. J47 jet engine with it’s intake just forward of the tail.

  4. Ralphem says:

    Martin XB-51, USA. The prototype XB-51also starred in a Hollywood movie as an advanced experimental aircraft with a different designation and nose paint.

  5. Robert Finch says:

    It is a Martin XB-51 flying out of Edwards AFB in 1952. It was used in one Hollywood picture, but was grounded soon after the picture was completed because of stress fractures in the skin of the aircraft. Only two were ever made.

  6. StGrendel says:

    It’s the Martin XB-51. A beautiful aircraft, just not overly practcal.


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