Super Streamlining for Speed

This Week’s Hints to help you along:

  • A record-setter showcasing advancing streamlining.
  • A fuel tank atop the fuselage, blocks the pilot’s view.
  • Nearly 200 mph, yet still a very slow landing speed.
  • Its descendant was provided to the Japanese military.

So do you know what this aircraft is?




Post a REPLY below with your best guess!

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2 thoughts on “Super Streamlining for Speed

  1. Nigel Dingley says:

    This is the Gloster Mars 1 (sometimes called the Bamel) which was a racing single seat aircraft designed by H.P Folland. It first flew in June 1921 and was eventually broken up in 1927. Folland designed a series of single seat fighters and racing types staring with the SE5. In 1927 Nakajima Hikoki K.K. acquired the rights to build the Gloster Gambet fighter for the Imperial Japanese Navy. these were know as A1N1 and Nakajima built some 50 of these. They developed it as the A1N2 of which some 100 were built and served in the Japanese Navy till about 1935.

  2. DURAND olivier says:

    Gloster Mars 1 / Bamel, which set the British speed record at 196,6 mph.


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