Skies of Light and Shadow

The Aviation Photography of Daniel Rychcik

Daniel Rychcik is an aviation photographer who lives in Switzerland.  Originally of Polish birth, he travels Europe seeking aviation photo opportunities — “anything that flies,” as he likes to say.  He is a master at capturing color, the extraordinary energy of aircraft and the feeling of high performance flight.  Some of his works are so extraordinary that they appear almost as paintings of light and shadow.

To capture his subjects, he attends dozens of airshows, fly-ins, and events.  He schedules air-to-air sessions for special subjects and has been known to prowl the perimeter fences of airports doing aircraft spotting.  He considers himself a “full-time amateur,” though his work is plenty professional enough that, in our opinion at least, he ought to consider a career change from his usual field — IT work!

Click to the left at bottom center on the “-” — the minus symbol — to view photos full screen.

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