A Flying Wing

This Week’s Hints to help you along:

  • A relatively obscure flying wing that was jet-powered and quite fast.
  • Construction of the wings in two pieces, upper and lower sides!
  • That canopy looks similar to that of the little known Saab 18
  • The tail design seems right for something from Scandinavia, but is it?
  • Strange tandem seating for a crew of two, yet with the cockpit offset slightly to the side.
  • Resulted in another rather dubious record first!

So do you know what this aircraft is and what was the record first “achieved”?




Post a REPLY below with your best guess!

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3 thoughts on “A Flying Wing

  1. Nico Braas says:

    It’s definitely British! That is an Armstrong Whitworth AW.52.

    1. HW says:

      Correct! Once again, a solid answer from Nico Braas out of the Netherlands. We may have to make these harder….

  2. Mark Robinson says:

    I believe the record which the AW52 achieved, or rather it’s pilot achieved, was the first ejection due to an actual emergency of a British pilot, which happened in 1949 via a Martin Baker Mk.1 ejection seat.


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