5 thoughts on “American Ingenuity

  1. Kim 'The_Pirate' Christensen says:

    This is a Besler Steam plane, built by the Besler brothers and powered by a Doble Steam Motors Company 150 hp V-twin double expansion engine, weighing only 500 lb. The airframe is based on a Travel Air 2000. Apparently it flew several times out of Oakland airport in 1933, and was capable of STOL operation, thanks to the instantly reversable engine and propeller.

  2. Rbailey says:

    Besler steam-powered aeroplane, a Travel Air 2000 with a 150 hp, 2-cylinder, Besler V-2 steam engine. I flew well but no development continued afterwards.

  3. Ron Anderson says:

    I believe it’s a steam-powered Travel Air 2000 from 1933.

  4. Anderson Nettleship says:

    1933 Besler Steam Plane, based on a Travelair 2000. It was flown several times and was capable of STOL operations due to the reversible engine. Neat idea but not really practical due the extra weight needed for a boiler system.

  5. Bill Johnson says:

    I guessed steam-powered from “no combustion” but had no idea beyond that.


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