About HW

Historic Wings is an online aviation, adventure and pilot magazine featuring stories about airplanes, helicopters, jets, and all things aloft from the past and present with articles, photo features, popular book reviews and more, including:

Photo Feature Stories — articles and photo galleries that provide deeply researched aviation history.

Photographer and Artist Features — galleries from leading artists and photographers worldwide, with an eye toward the interesting and adventurous aspects of flight and the beauty of aircraft.

What’s That? — viewers try their best to identify aircraft, many of which are rare or interesting examples from aviation history; how well do you know airplanes?

Flight Stories — aviation stories drawn from aviation history, highlighting the surprising and interesting history of aircraft, pilots, and flying.

Book Reviews — reviews of leading aviation books, with a focus on the hard-to-find titles, often written by lone authors at small publishing houses or self-published works of quality.

And much more!

We hope you enjoy your time at HistoricWings.com!

Thomas Van Hare
Publisher & CEO