Policies and Rights

Copying Content onto Your Blog or Website

If you wish to republish any of our content, whether from this site or from our email newsletter, within reason, permission will be granted for non-commercial uses provided that:

a) the source of the article is clearly credited with a live link to our website — www.historicwings.com.

b) you let us know via email to hw@historicwings.com where and in what context you repost our content.

Image Rights and Restrictions

Some images used in the publication of Historic Wings are available for use here under a Creative Commons license with copyright to their respective owners while others are in the public domain, are the property of Historic Wings or have been provided to us with restricted permissions.  In some cases, restrictions might disallow them from being copied onto your blog or website.  Therefore, we encourage to ask permission first before you copy.

Again, with any content you republish from HistoricWings.com on your blog or website, please credit us with a live link to our website:  www.historicwings.com.

Thank you,

Thomas Van Hare
Publisher & CEO


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