Editor’s Letter :: November 2022

November 11, 2022


An Open Letter to our Readers —

This year celebrates the 25th year since Historic Wings launched in 1997. The first issue of our online magazine celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of Chuck Yeager’s sound barrier breaking flight!  Today, I am extremely excited to share the news that HW is going to expand into the production of video content and will be creating more and more editorial, written content as well.

From early on, Historic Wings established itself as one of the leading online aviation publications online. The main focus was to bring deeply researched, interesting articles on historic topics and photo galleries about airplanes. Over 450 articles have been written over the years and the content will continue to steadily expand.

In 2021, Historic Wings established a YouTube channel — YouTube.com/@HistoricWings — and has been periodically publishing videos that bring its many stories to life.

In late 2022, Historic Wings announced the publication of a series of book-based solitaire air war games. Each game features deeply researched historic content, carefully generated missions and scenarios, multiple maps for solitaire war gaming, full aircraft glossaries, interspersed sections that recount the real history of the time being portrayed, and much more.

Planned titles in the game series include:

  • Tally-Ho! – defending England during the Battle of Britain (Scheduled: November 2022)
  • Cactus Air Force – Aerial Combat Over Guadalcanal (Planned: January 2023)
  • Faith, Hope & Charity – The Air Battle Over Malta (Planned: 2023)
  • Taivaan Helmi – Finland Stands Against the Soviets (Planned: 2023)
  • Tuy Hòa! – F-100 Super Sabers & the Air War Over Vietnam (Planned: 2023)
  • Dust & Desert – The Air War and Operation Torch in North Africa
  • The Pugnacious Pups – Escort Missions Over Nazi Germany
  • Patton’s Air War – Air Power Over the Battle of the Bulge
  • Honcho! – F-86s vs. MiG-15s in the Korean War
  • Black October – IAF vs. EAF in the 1973 Yom Kippur War
  • MD530Fs & Triple-7s – ANAF Helicopters Over Afghanistan
  • Taiwan 2025 – China Makes its Move – a Future Game

Historic Wings is a full-featured, graphically intensive e-magazine.  The majority of our subscribers enjoy high speed, high bandwidth connections.  Therefore, we feature content that is impressive and full scale. Our publication is designed to work with every leading browser and with iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The history of aviation has never been so exciting and the future will be amazing!

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See you in the skies!

Thomas Van Hare
Publisher & CEO


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