5 thoughts on “Mais oui, bien sur….

    1. HW says:

      Well, maybe — are you sure? Close and not a bad guess…. Isn’t that a four-engine airplane in the photo? Each nascelle carries two engines, a pusher and a puller, so to speak. The pusher engine and prop are visible if you look closely in the shadow under the wing….

      1. Bernard says:

        You’re right HW, this is precisely what the Farman 2231 is: A 4 engines plane with two pullers and two pushers.

        Note that its younger brother, the Farman 2234 “Jules Vernes” modified by the French Navy “Aéronavale” was the very first bomber to bomb Berlin in 1939. It bombed the Siemens plant in the suburbs. A fantastic exploit at the time !

  1. Nico Braas says:

    It’s the Aerocentre NC.223.02. It is a four (yes, four) engine plane!

  2. Jean Marc Antoine says:

    Farman 223-3
    1937-1945 (military and Air France version)
    4x870Hp Hispano Suiza 12Y
    325 Km/h
    2000 Km
    2000Kg bombs
    After the “1936 Front Populaire” Farman is nationalised and Aerocentre replace Farman
    The 7th june 1940 the Aerocentre 223-6 called Jules Vernes shoot the Siemens plant at Berlin
    In 1942 the Aeropostale heroes Henri Guillaumet and Marcel Reine are shoot down by an italian fighter . The Air France Aerocentre 223-3 “Camille Leverrier” was on liaison Marseille Damas


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