From Instructor to Fighter

This Week’s Hints to help you along:

  • The tail design might help you, but probably not….
  • Exceedingly rare and later scrapped after rejection by the military.
  • Sleek, but still a biplane at a time when monoplanes were leading.
  • Perhaps envisioned for training, or hopefully as a fighter?

So do you know what this aircraft is?




Post a REPLY below with your best guess!

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2 thoughts on “From Instructor to Fighter

  1. dunce says:

    I have absolutely no idea, despite a great deal of trawling.
    Please someone put me out of my misery!

  2. Roy Benstead says:

    Whatever it is, the only thing I have as a clue is that the propeller turns in a clockwise direction when viewed from the aspect of the ground crew who has to swing the prop. This is the same direction as the D.H. Tiger Moths that I used the swing in the 1940s.


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