To the Extremes — and Beyond

This Week’s Hints to help you along:

  • Just whose roundel insignia is that — French, British, something else?
  • Are those Americans in uniform walking around the plane?
  • Developed for very special, truly strategic, military mission.
  • No bomb bay, no weapons and no cargo hold?  What was it for then?

So do you know what this aircraft is?




Post a REPLY below with your best guess!

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6 thoughts on “To the Extremes — and Beyond

  1. KayFranz says:

    Fairey Long-Range Monoplane 1

    Long-range aircraft, for non-stop flight to India…

  2. Nigel Dingley says:

    Franz is correct — it is a Fairy Long Range Monoplane. The photo is probably of the first of two aircraft built. The first, J9749, made a non-stop flight from Cranwell in UK to Karachi in what was the imperial India (now Pakistan). It was lost with the crew on an attempted non-stop flight from Cranwell to Cape Town in South Africa in 1929. The second aircraft, K1991, was similar to the first but featured large ‘spats’ on the undercarriage to reduce drag. In February 1933, it made a non-stop flight from Cranwell to Walvis Bay in South Africa, a ‘Great Circle’ distance of 5,341 miles and a world record.


  3. Knox Bishop says:

    Fairey Long Range Monoplane of the type used for 1st non-stop flight Cranwell – Karachi 24-26 April 1929 (J9479) – which I think this one is because of its distinctive nose painting although you cannot read the serial number; and 1st non-stop Cranwell – Walvis Bay, South-West Africa (K1991) 6 – 8 February 1933.

  4. Rob Golder says:


    The aircraft is a Fairey long-range monoplane, probably J9479 which first flew on the 14th November 1928.

  5. Charles Bowen says:

    F-84F first delivered to the 506th Strat Fighter Wing. I have about 750 hours in it!

  6. Piyush Khaitan says:

    I have a photograph of the J9479 in my collection taken at Karachi on 26 April 1929. This looks like the same plane.
    The photographer (or someone else) has written on the back in pencil, “Cranwell Karachi Non Stop Fairey Super Monoplane. Pilot – S/Ldr Jones Williams, Navigator – F/Lt. Jenkins, Arrived @ Air Depot 26.4.29.” then in another handwriting in ink, “Aircraft Depot, Drigh Road, Karachi. Both killed on a further long distance”.
    I will be happy to send a scan of the photograph to anyone interested upon request.


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