8 thoughts on “Elliptical Wing Wonder

  1. John Guzman says:

    I thought I’d never see something like this again. That oval or closed elliptical wing design is easy to recognize, if somewhat unconventional. I remember seeing photos of this aircraft a while back and if memory sserves me right it was an Eastern Block design, Belarus maybe. Don’t remember much about it, name, manufacturer, numbers produced, etc. But I remember hitting the books to find out more about the efficiency of such wing design and decided the aerodynamic data was best reserved for aeronautical engineers.

  2. HW says:

    So far, no correct answers, though one of the above is close.

  3. Jose Gros-Aymerich says:

    The paper, NASA CR 172529, ‘Aerodynamic-Structural Study of Canard Wing, Dual Wing and Conventional Wing Systems for General Aviation Applications’, by Bruce P Selber and Ronald L Cronin, deals with something similar.

    The answer is in the thread by RAB, and searching for: ‘Annular Wing Airplanes’, it’s the Ring Wing airplane built by Mr. Arkady Narushevich, an image of Aug 29, 2004 is shown at this link: http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/732374//


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