The VW of the Skies

This Week’s Hints to help you along:

  • From 55 years ago, before the home-builder revolution.
  • Perfectly at home on wheels, skies or floats.
  • Less than 350 lbs empty weight, a micro plane at its best!
  • Powered by a 30 hp VW car engine or a Porsche — really.

So do you know what this aircraft is?




Post a REPLY below with your best guess!

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3 thoughts on “The VW of the Skies

  1. R. Bailey says:

    This looks very much like the French Druine D.31 Turbulent. Machines had various engines, including VW, Porsche and others.

  2. Bret Whitmore says:

    It has quite a bit of the look of a Mooney Mite, but with a modified canopy… and skis instead of wheels, of course.


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