The Twelve Cockpits of Christmas

Can you guess the aircraft type by the cockpit only?

Happy Holidays from all of us at Historic Wings Magazine!  We hope that you will appreciate our challenge for this year, a sort of holiday card from us to you and  your family.  Pilots will likely have an advantage here, particularly older pilots — but anyone can give it a try, even if you are just amazed at all those dials, knobs, levers and screens to look at!  It takes a lot to fly a plane — or for that matter a sleigh, so we wish Santa a good night flying around the world.

Remember to check the weather before you go!  And hopefully have a “White Christmas” after all!


1.  That’s a Lot of Levers


2.  A Single Seat Revolutionary Fighter


3.  Modern, Yet Already Well Worn


4.  A Classic in Every Respect


5.  “Let the Games Begin”


6.  A Mix of Old and New


7.  That’s One Weird Layout


8.  A First Horse Among Many


9.  Banned but Brilliant


10.  Setting the New Standard


11.  Faster and Faster


12.  Once a Year in Style



— Thomas Van Hare, Publisher


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