No Visible Support

This Week’s Hints to help you along:

  • Features a radical reduction in the number of struts for racing.
  • Created for competition and aerobatics, especially for looping.
  • Seemingly underpowered, but light and small enough for speed.
  • A very stubby lower wing; later it would be replaced, adding span.
  • A composite of sorts — meaning, the parts are drawn from others.

So do you know what this aircraft is?




Post a REPLY below with your best guess!

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4 thoughts on “No Visible Support

  1. Rob Golder says:


    I think this is the Hillery Beachey Exhibition Biplane.

    Could be flying from Cicero Flying Field (Chicago).

    Maybe around the year 1914.

    Earl S. Daugherty the pilot?! (A real wild guess).

    1. HW says:

      That’s the first guess — eight months later. Incorrect, but good attempt. The Hillery Beachey Exhibition Biplane had a pair of wings that were essentially of the same span and chord. This aircraft has a very short lower wing.

  2. D Mitchell says:

    The Grahame-White tractor biplane, according to my friend S. Dobberfuhl. Found in “Flight”. Piloted by Louis Noel.

  3. R. Bailey says:

    Graham-White “Lizzie” – Morane fuselage with Graham-White type VII wings.


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