An Early Tilt Rotor?

This Week’s Hints to help you along:

  • A 1930s era design, from a patent filing done in the USA.
  • Was it a US design or from Europe; what lines are those?
  • The two rotors point up and forward for lift and thrust.
  • The designer felt that there were issues with stability.

So do you know what this aircraft is?




Post a REPLY below with your best guess!

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4 thoughts on “An Early Tilt Rotor?

  1. rob waring says:

    Hey… it is the V-22 Osprey at the start of its development!

  2. Rob Golder says:


    It reminds me of the Pitcairn PA-18 (Autogiro NC 12678), but more futuristic/Sci-Fi.

    Pitcairn made a series of autogiros the PA-19/22/36 to name but three.

    Perhaps it was one of their concepts!

  3. Roy Benstead says:

    This could be a copy of George Lehberger’s original drawing on a coffee shop napkin.

  4. HW says:

    Well, it seems we have stumped the masses of aviation buffs once again…. That’s only happened a handful of times — ever! Remember two things: a) this was from the 1930s; and b) it was filed as a patented design with, as you can see, 40 separate features. It was inspired by the autogyro, which had showed many — including amateur designers — that flight could come in many forms. As well, at the same time, helicopters were first coming into design development.


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